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convention seattle sakuracon post-con depression anime


Aaaaand post-con depression is already setting in….


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cosplay wip work in progress avatar wan avatar the legend of korra seattle sakuracon 2014 anime convention sewing personal onix pokemon hello kitty ghost military patrol call of duty metal gear solid 4 gamefan23 flickr john lu silhouettes1 vicious cosplay joanns joann fabrics thrifiting couponing

Avatar Wan Cosplay WIP

About to head to Seattle to see friends, family and attend SakuraCon 2014 with my usual band of proper villains. This will be my 9th (HOLY SHIT) SakuraCon (I’ve been going ever since it has been at the Convention Center downtown), and though I’ve cosplayed every year but two (last year when everyone’s cosplay plans fell through and the year before where my friend and I sold art in the Artist Alley) this is my first all-sewn/all-created cosplay! (Minus the thrift-store girl boots…)

In the past I’d either purchase full costumes/components or cobble together things from thrift store finds. Though I know how to hand sew, I had no fucking clue how to use a sewing machine… Huge shoutouts to my friend Heather (silhouettes1) for letting me borrow her sewing machine and teaching me how to use it. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without you! Shoutouts to Vicious Cosplay’s "How To Shop At JoAnns Like A Boss" post as well, for saving me some serious $…

Originally I intended to cosplay Mitsurugi from Soul Caliber, to fit in with this year’s collective group cosplay. However, tax season kicked my little freelancing ass and so I was left with less “extra” funds than expected. With a time crunch and a budget I decided to go for Plan B, and to take this opportunity to learn how to use a sewing machine, even if it was super last minute… 

LOTS of learning and fuckups along the way, and I’m still nailing down last minute details before I fly out tomorrow, but I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. (#1 Rule of Cosplay - It ALWAYS takes longer than you think it will…)

More pictures and such later perhaps.

In the meantime, bonus pics of some of our past group cosplays:

Hello Kitty Patrol (SakuraCon 2010) 

Source John Lu (Flickr)

2/3 Scale Onix (SakuraCon 2011) 

Source gamefan23 (Flickr)

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SakuraCon 2014 Seattle anime convention

You should reblog this if you’re going to Sakura-Con 2014



Cause I’m curious.

I’m going as Kagura (Fairy Tail)~!
And Bee (Bee and Puppycat) on Sunday! :D

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seahawks nfl champions super bowl 2014 48 XLVIII LOB leave no doubt about that action boss seattle washington 206
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I LOVE MY CITY!!!!!!!!!

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jordan nicholson jordanloveskats burger food photography lil woodys seattle


Just some of the weekly burger specials that Lil Woody’s has offered this past year. 

Lil Woodys

Address: 1211 Pine St, Seattle, WA 98101

Phone: (206) 457-4148
Photography by Jordan Nicholson.
(Fun fact: I ate every one of these burgers after taking the photo)
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seahawks seattle great wheel
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If this isn’t the coolest thing you’ve ever seen, we can’t be friends. 

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seattle seahawks gif st lous rams ricardo lockette justin veltung sack nfl football tackle

no survivors


no survivors

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housepartytour nofilter commoncourtesy wamu adtr adaytoremember seattle flashbackfriday a day to remember jeremy mckinnon house party tour
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#flashbackfriday to two Tuesdays ago at my second #housepartytour show in #Seattle. @therealjeremymckinnon of @whereisadtr. #adtr #adaytoremember #commoncourtesy #nofilter #wamu (at WaMu Theater)

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kyoshi warriors avatar the last airbender sakuracon seattle cosplay atla



Kyoshi Warriors @ SakuraCon


If I was still in Seattle… I would have fangirled so hard.

Hands down my favorite cosplay from last year’s SakuraCon.

(Source: irohsquared)

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sunset seattle seatac airport airplane southwest northwest night sky horizon
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Seattle gave me one final beautiful #sunset as I left. (at Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC))

7 months ago
blue seattle 12thman seahawks
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Reppin’ my #Seattle #blue at work today. #Seahawks #12thman (at The Rising)

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seattle home love heart washington



take me here

Take me back.  

I should see you next summer on a semi-permanent basis. :)

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seattle lightning
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There was a huge lightning storm in Seattle last night

And all of my friends were taking pictures… Thunder/lightning in Seattle is so rare that even my SLC friends are posting about it on Tumblr..

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summer reading program seattle public library domino chain books read




The Seattle Public Library launched the 2013 Summer Reading Program by trying to set a new world record for the longest book domino chain. Read more about it here. — heidi

I’m not sure if you guys are aware of this, but libraries are THE BEST.

they really fucking are.

My hometown library! Just visited again last time I was home. Definitely an awesome library, though I think the Salt Lake Downtown Public Library is still my favorite…

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spring seattle wildflowers tbt bloom
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#tbt last time I was in #Seattle #spring #wildflowers were in full #bloom.